Speed Functions

Some simple functions that will help improve or speed up your theme.

  1. WordPress adds Emoji support coding in every page, but it’s rarely used. You can remove the code with one click.
  2. A lot of people like to remove Version numbers from their source code. This lets you do it in one click.
  3. If you’re not using our Toggles, Tabs, Timers, Progress Bars, Counters, Accordion Menus, you can disable the Front.js file and save a file load.
  4. If you’re not using Font Awesome Icons at all, you can disable that library from being called here. (Socrates/Speaker Theme Only).
  5. If you’re not using Gutenberg you can disable the CSS file from being enqueued here.

IMPORTANT: Always make sure your site looks and works properly if checking these advanced options. If you don’t understand what they mean, you don’t need to use disable them.

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